5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Video Professional


Anyone can buy a video camera and call themselves a videographer, but it takes much more than the right equipment to become a video production professional.

So, how can you tell a true professional from a self-taught YouTube amateur? Here are 5 questions you can ask to make sure you’re getting the real deal:

1. What’s your work history? – Becoming a professional takes years of training and experience, it’s not something you can pick up in a few weeks. Every person working on the project, from the producer to the crew, should have a solid history working in the industry.

2. Do you have references? – Don’t be afraid to ask for references. A great production company will leave a trail of satisfied customers in their wake. People who will not only confirm the quality of the end result, but can attest to the production team’s reliability and commitment.

3. Can you deliver on time? – Be clear about your deadline expectations from the very beginning. The ability to meet deadlines is a professional necessity and communicating your requirements from the start will help to ensure a stress free relationship with your video production team.

4. What do you need from me? – A video professional will be able to explain to you in detail what they need from you, and it’s important that you know what’s expected. Will you need to be available for every shoot? Do you need to provide the talent or write the script?

5. How much will this cost? – While pricing should never be the sole criteria for choosing a video production team, keeping to your budget is obviously a priority. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the price so that you don’t find yourself hit with extras down the track.

Professional video production can sometimes be expensive, but you’re not just paying for a person with a camera, and if you are then you’re likely to end up with a low quality video.

So take the time to ask the right questions to make sure you’re getting the best team for the job.

You’ll see the difference in the end result – and so will your customers.

Watch our promotional Ai-Live video below to see just how powerful a professionally produced video can be:

Ai-Live at Work from Video Works Productions on Vimeo.