6 Ways to Look Great on Camera


Making a great first impression can be tough. After all, you only have seven seconds to create an impression that builds credibility and instills trust – and that goes for when you’re on camera too!

Making sure you look great is important. Choosing a great outfit and getting your hair and make up
done by a professional is an excellent start, but it’s not everything you need to consider if you want
to look great on camera.

How to Look Great on Camera

  1. Be Clear and Concise – You want your audience to understand everything you say, so
    speak as clearly as possible, use short sentences and avoid jargon. Stay on topic, avoid
    ‘umming and ahhing’ and don’t ramble.
  2. Take Your Time – Don’t rush! Speaking too quickly is a sure sign of nerves, and it’s difficult
    for your audience to follow you if one sentence runs into the next. Take a deep breath and take
    your time.
  3. Be Yourself – In order to become a trusted source you need to rely on honesty. Forget trying
    to become the person you think your audience want to see and focus on being your genuine and
    authentic self.
  4. Show Enthusiasm – If you’re making a video, hopefully it’s because you’ve got something
    interesting to say about a topic you’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to let your enthusiasm
  5. Smile! – Assuming the content is appropriate, your smile is your best asset so – smile! smile!
  6. Use Your Imagination – Try to treat every video like you’re having a professional conversation
    with someone you trust and admire.

For more tips on looking great, on camera and off, watch this video featuring Amanda Rose from The Business Woman TV and celebrity make up artist Deborah Munday.