Corporate Video Production Packages

Video blogging instantly conveys your expertise and authority to your website viewers.

Your Home Page Video explains your offer in a short amount of time, speaking directly to your customers.

Video testimonials are more authentic than text. Let your raving fans be your sales team!

A Home Page Video sells for you 24/7 and immediately captivates and educates your website visitors.
Using Video Blogs or Customer Testimonials on social media is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website.
Show off your expertise by discussing industry news and hot topics to engage and inform your viewer.
The key to successful marketing today is a one off investment in video that provides on-going, long-term benefits.
Why use our professional video production service? The short answer is this: The quality of your video reflects
the quality of your company. Video Production is a sophisticated art form that requires complex technical skills
and years of experience. We have both!
“Making videos is our passion, we love what we do and we want to make sure that you enjoy the process as well.”

Our simple 5 step process to delivering your message…


SalesPagePic1. Consultation: What’s your number one priority?

Our in-depth one hour consultation helps us to find out exactly what your key message is. Who is your target market and how will you stand out against your competitors? What do you want the viewers of your video to do next? We also help you structure your blog content so that you can own your point of difference.

2. Pre-production: Preparation is key.

Our Preparation Kit is a step-by-step guide on how to structure your website video script, tips on what to wear, what to say in your blogs and more! Our team will work through your scripts to ensure your message is strong and powerful. You’ll also receive a Skype coaching session prior to filming to prepare you for your on camera presentation. Your scripts are loaded onto our teleprompter and you’re set for your professional shoot!

3. Production: Lights, camera, action!

We’ll transform your business environment into a film set! Our producers and camera operators have worked behind the scenes for over 20 years in major tv channels. It’s hi-end quality that you can expect whilst you’re professionally guided to read and deliver you lines. Your Home Page Video will engage, educate and emotionally connect whilst selling your product or service to your audience. You will also have enough Blog Video content to position you as an authority in your field.

4. Post-Production: Our Digital Beautician Department!

Your beautiful HD video footage is now edited to only include your best “takes” where you’ve conveyed your message with clarity. The footage is enhanced with music then branded with your logo and professionally styled graphics.

5. Delivery: Signed, sealed, delivered – it’s yours!

Your Home Page Video and Blog Videos are optimised for fast playing over the web, then uploaded to your new branded and customised YouTube channel we’ve made for you. You’re ready to communicate with your audience – 24/7!!
Your investment in a Home Page Video and Blog Package could be worth 100’s of thousands of dollars in sales!
Silver Video Package
6 videos $5,947
Home Page Video + 5 Blog Videos
Gold Video Package (our most popular)
12 videos $7,597
Home Page Video + 11 Blog Videos
Platinum Video Package
24 videos $11,997
Home Page Video + 23 Blog Videos
1 hour consultation
Pre-Production Kit
On camera coaching session
One day shoot
Two day shoot
Camera operator
Hair & Make-Up
Graphic branding
Two music tracks
Web optimisation
Youtube channel (branded)
Video archival
All prices are inclusive of GST