How To Increase Your Digital Profile

How To Increase Your Digital Profile

Video is the future of content marketing and companies who are already using this medium to build their digital profiles are seeing results.

Did you know that 50% of YouTube users watch business related videos at least once a week?
And 80% of your website visitors will watch a video, while 20 percent will read content in it’s entirety?

We can’t ignore that video is now considered a big part of marketing strategies and if businesses aren’t, they are missing out on reaching a large online audience.

I was recently interviewed by Amanda Rose for The Business Woman TV to discuss the power of video and how it can catapult your digital profile.

Vicki Bobotis interviewed on The Business Woman TV on “How To Build Your Digital Profile”

A few topics we covered were;

* What to consider when venturing into video content marketing
* What content works
* When should you film your videos on an iphone
* What to do with your videos

Watch The Business Woman TV interview now

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