You Need a Production Team You Can Rely On


Last week, I had the opportunity to work alongside Katy Perry and her production team at Acer Arena. While I was interviewing make-up artists, hair stylists, band members and dancers, the rest of Katy’s crew were preparing to film the upcoming concert.

Organising a production of this size is no mean feat. Every member of the team, from the production runners to the film crew, needs to know not only where everyone else is, but what they are doing and what they’ll be doing next. Like any well-oiled machine, everyone needs to be working together to deliver a fantastic end result.

The moral of the story? To deliver quality production you need to have a great crew.

So how can you make sure you’ve got the best crew possible?

1. Support – A great crew member will help solve any problems that arise, they will use their expertise to fulfil your creative vision and do everything they can to ensure the success of the project, all the while working to keep everyone’s spirits high.

2. Teamwork – The ideal crew member is interested not just in their own success, but the success of the whole team. They will support other team members when required and work hard to make sure that every aspect of the production is running smoothly.

3. Focus – Every decision that’s made needs to be made for the betterment of the video, and a great team member knows that. They want the end result to be as good as possible and they are always working toward that goal.

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