How to Use a Storyboard


When it comes to creating effective video, planning is crucial.

The storyboard is a visual plan of your video. It is designed to help you – and everyone on your development team – visualise your project in detail before filming begins.

Your storyboard will help you to map out the intentions for your video, and should include things like camera angles, props and shooting instructions.

An Effective Storyboard Will:

1. Save You Money – A storyboard helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page, saving you time (and money) on the day of shooting – and usually in the editing suite afterwards as well.

2. Weed Out Creative Differences – Creating a storyboard allows you to more accurately express the direction you want your video to take, which means fewer mixed signals in the lead up to shooting.

3. Increase Production Value – Your storyboard will help you create a more polished video, even on the tiniest of budgets, by improving consistency and reducing the number of on-film mistakes.

4. Help Send a Concise Message – Planning your video in advance helps you to make the most of your valuable video time so that you can send a clearer message to your audience.

For more tips on how to create a storyboard, and for some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, watch this week’s video below.

And, when you’re ready to create your own storyboard, Click Here to use our handy storyboard template.