Video Marketing Strategy Checklist



Video is a great way to build business relationships. Video allows your audience to connect with you, and your brand, in a way that just isn’t possible with less personal mediums like audio, text or still images.

But as powerful as video is, it isn’t enough to post one video and hope it goes viral. To find success in video, you need a video marketing strategy.

To create a successful video strategy you’ll need to start by considering the following:

1. Who is your audience? – The more you know about your audience, the more accurately you can target your content to suit them.

2. What do they want to see? – Take a look through your digital analytics to find out what your audience is responding to. See which has the most views, shares, or comments and start there.

3. Who is your star? – The spokesperson for your business should inspire confidence and make an immediate connection with your audience.

4. What can you offer? – You probably already know a lot about your industry, start by addressing the basics of your business and branch out from there.

For more tips on creating a video marketing strategy for your business, watch this week’s video “Video Marketing Strategy Checklist” here.