Web TV for Business

Web TV for Business

Having a YouTube channel is as important as registering your domain name when it comes to your
online presence.

Just like securing your social media names for brand consistency, and as video content marketing
continues to grow, you may find that your business name on YouTube is already taken!!

If it is, and you play your cards right, the person using your business name may be nice and willing
to transfer it to you. If not, be creative and think of another name for your channel or simply add
something to your name
that doesn’t take away from your brand.

Here are some popular options amongst YouTubers;

– Add TV like we have “VideoWorksTV
– Add HQ “PartnerUpHQ
– Add Official – “GameNewsOfficial

Even if you haven’t any videos yet – still secure your spot in the WebTV world ASAP.

To help you understand a little more about why you should have your own WebTV channel, this week I sat down with Amanda Rose to discuss the importance of Web TV channels for business. Where it’s heading and how it can help build your digital profile.


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