It’s Not About The Sex (Educational Documentary Trailer)It’s Not About The Sex (Educational Documentary Trailer)

It’s Not About The Sex (Educational Documentary Trailer)

When transgender surgery isn’t available to Andrew Guy in Australia, he fights to illuminate the inadequacies of female-to-male transgender surgery. Interviews with a counselor, a psychiatrist, a world-renowned geneticist, senior religious figure and other trans men and women provide a kaleidoscope of perspectives about the transgender experience. This film is in production to serve as a tool to educate audiences and shared as a research tool to various communities.

SISTER2sister programSISTER2sister program

SISTER2sister program

Life Changing Experiences Foundation offers youth support programs. It’s primary initiative is the SISTER2sister Program. Video Works Productions followed the program over a 12 month period to produce a series of videos. This is a short documentary about the program.

Sydney Children’s Hospital FundraiserSydney Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

Sydney Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

Pia’s story was produced for Sydney Children’s Hospital. The video is played at fundraisers and shared online.

Media Access AustraliaMedia Access Australia

Media Access Australia

Media Access develops and implements technology to bridge the gap for hearing impaired students. Here is a heart-warming story of how one organisation is changing the lives of many.

Women Say SomethingWomen Say Something

Women Say Something

Women Say Something is a quarterly event celebrating the achievements of women from many diverse backgrounds issues that affect everyone. This showreel showcases what to expect when attending the events.We’ve included some of the most powerful stories told by the panel who have achieved among great odds. 

Hands Across The WaterHands Across The Water

Hands Across The Water

The HATW Australian charity gives at-risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand. This story, shot on location, documents the contributions the visiting Business Blueprint group made.

The JourneyThe Journey

The Journey

The Journey makes a difference to young lives. Scripted, directed, shot and post produced by Video Works, this story is made from personal interviews that have been recorded with sensitivity.

Business BreakthroughBusiness Breakthrough

Business Breakthrough

Dr John DeMartini and Dale Beaumont have inspired thousands with their personal development and business development programs. This “landing page” video motivated viewers to take action and register for their event.

Stacey Currie ShowreelStacey Currie Showreel

Stacey Currie Showreel

Stacey Currie is a successful business owner, mother of five and a keynote speaker. Here, her moving rags-to-riches personal story is told within a few minutes. This video is used as a promotional aid to inspire others to attend her seminars, workshops and mentoring sessions.