Ai-Live Media LaunchAi-Live Media Launch

Ai-Live Media Launch

Video Works Productions were chosen to be the story tellers behind the launch of Ai-Live’s new service that converts audio to text in real-time. This service enriches the lives of thousands affected by hearing impairment.

25 Years of Parramatta Stadium25 Years of Parramatta Stadium

25 Years of Parramatta Stadium

This video was produced as part of a campaign to celebrate 25 Years of events, sport and memorable moments at Parramatta Stadium.

Bruce Madden Media TrainingBruce Madden Media Training

Bruce Madden Media Training

Message skills are portable. So your staff, clients, business partners and others will also become third party advocates for your message, your brand, your unique offer. We filmed Bruce Madden and added captivating animated graphics to enhance the “What is Media Training?” video featured on his website.

Danielle Chiel HandKnitsDanielle Chiel HandKnits

Danielle Chiel HandKnits

Shot entirely on location in Tamil Nadu, India, this beautiful and almost cinematic promotional piece gives an insight into the production and values of Danielle Chiel’s HandKnits.

Ai-Live @ WorkAi-Live @ Work

Ai-Live @ Work

An inspirational video shows that how Access Innovation Media creates innovative, economically accessable solutions that transform the experience of life for many people.

Allied Risk AnalyserAllied Risk Analyser

Allied Risk Analyser

An explainer video is an entertaining way to convey your message. We worked on The Allied Risk Analyser script with our client, directed the voiceover artist, designed the graphics and chose the piece of music to enhance the video.

Media Access AustraliaMedia Access Australia

Media Access Australia

Media Access develops and implements technology to bridge the gap for hearing impaired students. Here is a heart-warming story of how one organisation is changing the lives of many.

Creating a StyleRocks Gemstone RingCreating a StyleRocks Gemstone Ring

Creating a StyleRocks Gemstone Ring

StyleRocks commissioned Video Works Productions to produce a series of videos to coincide with the launch of their new website. This video shows how the Gemstone Ring is made.

Catherine Lawler RohanCatherine Lawler Rohan

Catherine Lawler Rohan

Catherine Lawler Rohan is the MakeUp Artist for the Stars! This “fashion” styled video, includes a location shoot at launch event, interviews and a demonstration of Catherine’s makeup artistry.

Mortgage Choice: RichmondMortgage Choice: Richmond

Mortgage Choice: Richmond

Mortgage Choice are a brand who recognise the value of educating their customers through video. We filmed a series of six videos for Andrew Heath from the Richmond branch. These were shot on a green screen and used motion graphics to enhance the key points in the videos.

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