Trade Show Video Special – conveniently filmed at your trade show.

Do you need a powerful marketing tool to promote your business on your website?

A professionally shot and produced Trade Show Video captures the energy and excitement around your
product at your next trade show exhibition!
Conveniently filmed entirely at your next trade show – not your business premises! This is the easiest way
to get compelling video of customers interacting with your product, without breaking your budget!
This engaging video, up to 3 minutes duration, can be embedded on your website to convert your
visitors into customers. Or, use it as a powerful marketing tool within your emails, in blogs
or in social media.
We’ll film your booth attendees doing a quick demonstration to camera. Then, we’ll film visitors to your booth
having fun with your product. There’s nothing more authentic and compelling than real live testimonials from
your booth visitors.
Watch our videos below for Black Swan and Yum Cha at Home as they showcase their products
at the Fine Food Convention in Sydney.


For more information Call: 1300 790 608

Here’s what’s included in each Trade Show Video:

Trade Show Video Special

Producer: Our producer will have you, your staff and your booth visitors relaxed when on camera!
Camera operator: Industry professionals who know how to take the best shots.
Royalty-free music track: There’s no need for you to worry about licensing dramas.
Editing: Made by professionals to show that you’re professional.
Graphic branding: Grab attention and communicate with clarity.
Web optimisatioin: Your video is optimised for fast streaming over the web so you won’t lose customers.
Video still for emails: Contact your new clients via email, and include this visual link to your website!