10 Things To Think About Before Creating A Video

10 Things To Think About Before Creating A Video

I’m often asked ‘What the hell am I supposed to do with my videos?’ Well, my first question to you
is … have you uploaded them to YouTube? (this is your platform for a WebTV channel).

Although, before jumping in, take a step back and think about WHY you want video and how it can
benefit your business.

We all want to increase our profile or leads (maybe both) and video is the best way to do this (see my
blog post 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video for Your Business).

Once you have them loaded onto your webTV channel (make sure you have some nice channel art like
TED talks) you can start promoting them on these 10 platforms;

• Twitter *
• Facebook *
• LinkedIn *
• Google+ *
• Blog posts to other websites (if you are a guest blogger you can provide your informative videos to
another online source – people are always looking for GOOD content to share)
• Trade Shows
• Email signature
• Website

The key to distributing your videos is to remember that it needs to be regular. Don’t stop just after one ‘share’.
Your customers are waiting to learn from you so don’t deprive them of your knowledge!

For more ideas on how to use your video, watch my interview with Amanda Rose on the best ways to get your videos watched by the right people .


* The advantage on social media is that you can repeat posts by tweaking the status linking to the same
video time and time again!