5 Steps To Building A Successful Digital Profile

5 Steps To Building A Successful Digital Profile

Building a successful digital profile requires a strategy. Gone are the days where you
can “wing it” and succeed.

Here’s a checklist of questions you need to ask yourself (and answer) in order to create
and target the right audience.

1. What is your message? – Are you wanting to promote and position yourself as an
authority on a topic?
2. Who is your target market? – SME’s? A specific industry?
3. What information are your customers looking for online? – Can you create a
how to series?
4. What blogs are they reading? – Can you become a contributor to these sites?
5. What social media sites are they using and what time of the day are they likely
to engage?
– Can you create a campaign to include the social site culture?

These are key to the overall plan on how you can leverage off your videos. If you
need help with these questions then contact us here

Don’t forget that your videos must reflect your brand and part of that is the look
and feel of your set. Watch my video with Amanda Rose for tips on how to achieve
this here

Your set
Once you’ve worked through these questions, you’ll start to have a clearer picture of where
else you can promote your videos. There are a few suggestions on our blog 10 Things To Think About Before Creating A Video.